How To Frame A Mirror Hgtv Decorate Bathroom

how to frame a mirror hgtv decorate bathroom

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September 19, 2020
Diana Young
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This bright, delicate, and feminine bathroom by Maker Girl features a large framed mirror under an alcove ceiling. The frame is painted the same shade as the custom vanity, integrating the mirror into the whole feel of the room. The white paint reflects back from the mirror, adding brightness and light. It's the perfect space to wake up to. Spice up your bathroom’s style by adding a wooden frame to your plain "builder’s basic” mirror. The dark window frame and flooring made of local brown stone give contrast to the all-over white of French designer Christian Liaigre's St. Barts beach home. The white sink and its fittings are by Volevatch, and the shelves and steel-frame mirror were made by local craftsmen. How to Choose a Bathroom Mirror Size. The size of a bathroom mirror is often one of those pesky design details that is overlooked however, it has a pretty dramatic impact on the space. Whether. The addition of one large mirror is a great way to decorate any room in a home, office, school, or workshop. Huge Frameless mirrors subtly add the appearance of extra space, helping small areas look more expensive depending on the positioning of these wall decorations. Most people don’t have the luxury of a large or even medium-sized bathroom, which poses an interesting problem of how to decorate such a small space. Decorations can easily become clutter in such a limited space. To inspire your best ideas, we’ve shared our favorite ways to decorate a small bathroom. The 10 Best Bathroom-Friendly Plants. Fred Decker 10 Tips & Tricks to Keep House Plants Alive. Kathryn Walsh These 10 Household Ingredients Can Actually Clean Your Bathtub. Kathryn Walsh DIY Marimo Moss Ball Aquarium. Jonathan Fong 7 DIY Indoor Herb Garden Ideas You Finally Have Time to Try. Feb 25, 2017 - Explore Home Decor & Style's board "Bathroom - Lighting Over Mirror", followed by 10113 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about bathroom lighting, bathroom lights over mirror, bathroom. Of course this is a fabulous mirror in black but I really wanted a super high gloss white mirror for the bathroom, so I just spray painted it. Rustoleum makes a high gloss white lacquer spray paint that I knew would be perfect. I started by sliding pieces of paper under the edge of the mirror frame and taping to cover the mirror. Whether you go for gilded and glitzy, bold and colorful, or decorate and elaborate, a unique bathroom mirror is the perfect way to add an extra punch of personal style.

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