Top 10 Tile Design Ideas For A Modern Bathroom 2015 Shower Tiles Trends

top 10 tile design ideas for a modern bathroom 2015 shower tiles trends

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July 30, 2020
Victor McLean
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It is not just colors and patterns of tiles that are getting more diverse, manufacturers are also playing around with the shapes. 2020 bathroom tile trends will vary from traditional rectangle to a variety of other geometric shapes. One particular shape that has made a resurgence in recent times is the hexagon. Hexagonal tiles are making their way back into the bathroom in all sizes, colors, and textures especially on shower floors, where they create a uniquely different appearance. Here are the top 10 tile trends for 2020. bathrooms, laundry rooms and entry foyers. and can go in wet spaces like shower stalls that real wood can’t. The 2020 Bathroom Trends You Don't Want to Miss 1 Brass Finishes. 2 Deep Soaking Tubs. 3 Integrated Lighting. 4 Marbelized Wallpaper. 5 Travertine. In this bathroom, we paired a warm travertine floor with lots of luxurious fabric. 6 Framed Mirrors. 7 Unusual Marble. 8 Black Tubs. 9. 9 Major Trends in Bathroom Tile Ideas For 2021. 1. Graphic patterns. Accent tiles with geometric patterns look perfect on the floor or wall. Either in delicate subtle shades, or in bright 2. Matte tiles. 3. Neutral light tiles. 4. Subway tiles with lots of Pizazz. 5. Hexagonal tiles. 10 Bathroom Tile Trends To Lively Up Your Living Space in 2020 2 Dimensional Wall And Floor Tiles. It is not only tile patterns and colors that are becoming more and more diverse. 3 Natural Wonders of Marble Stones. Natural elements always look amazing in any part of your home, including the 5. Bathroom Design Trends 2021 Lavish White Marble. White marble is a timeless, sophisticated material that does not seem to age. In fact, it is one of the exquisite bathroom trends 2021, which can be used both for floors and walls. Since marble is very lavish and attractive on its own, it is able to transfer these qualities into the bathroom interior, while making it look very luxurious and at the same time sophisticated. 32 Best Shower Tile Ideas That Will Transform Your Bathroom 1. Earth Toned Sonoma Tile Scheme. 2. Scandinavian Lodge Stone and Hearth Tiles. 3. Moroccan Mermaid Fish Scale Tiles. 4. Icelandic Spa Floor And Shower Scheme. Source 5. Tunisian Kasbah Blue Shower Tiles. 6. Trend #1. Black Is the New Grey. Grey may have been one of the most popular styles in previous year bathroom remodeling projects, however, that’s all about to change.We’re moving on to bolder, darker styles this season. Grey is great, but black is better! In our Top Trends for Bathrooms article we stated that darker tones were starting to pick up and that it would continue to gain popularity. Bathroom tile trends 1. Wood look tiles. The biggest trend in tile flooring, including bathroom is tile that looks like hardwood . These wood 2. Black and white stenciled tiles for a retro, vintage and farmhouse style. If you’re looking for a modern farmhouse 3. Mosaics. Mosaics are so hot.

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