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eye catching bathroom tile design ideas tiling designs

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September 17, 2020
Carolyn Bower
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A popular tile design for a bathroom is an accent wall using small wall tiles in a contrasting color. Try something a little different by choosing a wood floor tile on your bathroom wall instead. The surprising contrast of "real" wood grains and sleek porcelain fixtures will give your bath an upscale, spa-like feel. 33 Beautiful Bathroom Tile Design Ideas A Soothing Pebble Tile. Want a tile choice that will give your bathroom a spa-like feel and your feet a mini massage Floor-to-Ceiling Tiles. Though this look will cost a bit more, pulling your tile all the way to the ceiling is a great Go Dark for Depth. Three types of tile lend luxury to this modern farmhouse bathroom on the floors, Carrara Venato 2" octagon polished mosaic tile, on the walls, white glass subway tile with rope trim, and finally, on the shower and recessed shelf, Carrara Bianco polished 3" hexagon marble mosaic tile. Bathroom design reaches peak sexiness in this one by Romanek Design Studio. The smokey mirrored tiles adorning the partition make it feel larger and exude an airy of mystery and intrigue. Bathroom Tile Ideas 1. Fish Scale Tile. Fish scale tile can add luxury look to your bathroom, especially if you choose fish scale with jade 2. Elegant Marble Tile. Wanna have an elegant bathroom? Choosing marble tile for your bathroom wall is gonna be a 3. Beach-themed Bathroom. Combining some. Want to add an exciting accent to your bathroom tile design? Glass mosaics are one of the easiest ways to add pops of color, shine and shape to your shower, recessed shelf or backsplash. You can create a stripe, a framed accent or a full wall with a glass mosaic that has already done the work of pairing colors and materials together for you.

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